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The primary purpose of RE-POWER is to provide Renewable Energy engineering services in Pakistan. Given the dire need of clean power in Pakistan, RE-POWER is fully focused towards providing cost-effective and reliable Energy Efficient Renewable Energy Solutions to residential customers, commercial organizations and industries, as well as providing an alternative source of power generation for the grid. RE-POWER was established in 2013 in Pakistan, with the vision of bringing Pakistan one step closer to become a green country, relying on renewable energy technologies. For each application, an engineering-based solution is designed and provided. Extreme care is exercised to ensure that execution is done as per international standards and specifications. Moreover, RE-POWER has prioritized complete transparency and openness with customers so that they are fully aware and reasonably educated about the benefits and costs.


RE-POWER’s mission is to lead the country’s transition to renewable energy. While it’s no small ambition, our vision of a green Pakistan, without fossil fuels is already evolving and transforming the way we live. Our part to play in that transition is to deliver cost effective utility scale renewable energy to customers and governments through our set of cohesive company values. These values are the cornerstone of everything that we do:

Integrity. Safety. Innovation. Sustainability. Teamwork. Entrepreneurial approach. Respect.

Our values provide a clear foundation for the RE-POWER Development Standard, and every aspect of delivery from development through construction and operation. Our policies on Health and Safety, Quality and Environment are deeply embedded across our business. Teamwork, Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Approach are key to effective problem solving. Respect and Integrity are at the very core of our development approach and are the basis for the comprehensive global Community Charter for interaction with the communities neighboring our projects throughout the lifetime of our projects. We plan to continue our trend of steady, stable growth and will expand operations by:

  • Increasing brand-name recognition
  • Diversifying product lines
  • Strengthening the Marketing & Sales Team
  • Expanding and opening branch offices nationwide

Having experience and expertise to build solutions for complex business problems


Being Energy Engineer, my utmost desire is to eliminate energy crisis from our country. My association with this desire goes back to my graduation period in NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan. Where I realized that there is a huge gap between energy demand and energy production in our country. During my research, we realized that alternative energy more specifically “Solar Energy” can play a vital role in reducing energy crisis in Pakistan. From an analysis of the need to the development of an affordable option, Solar Energy has crossed many hurdles.

Technological innovations are rapid and world-renowned corporates are now leading Solar equipment manufacturers. Our partners in this movement, are indeed among the leaders of the Solar Movement.

Looking at the worsening energy crisis in Pakistan, there can be no two opinions that alternative energy is the most appropriate option considering the social, economic and environmental landscapes. From providing water to barren fields (Solar tube wells), to lighting up schools, hospitals and other workplaces, Solar Power Solutions are providing an immediate answer to the burgeoning energy needs of the country. The Sun bombards around 165,000 Terawatts of Solar Power on Earth every day. The total energy requirements of the Globe are less than one percent of the energy being emitted by the sun. Pakistan, by the Grace of Almighty, is among the top five richest countries in Solar Power. Yet, it is plagued by extraordinarily prolonged power outages which occur mostly during the summer months when, in fact, the availability of Solar Power is at its peak.

Pakistan has an enormous potential for Solar Energy solutions, our focus is to provide cost-effective and highly reliable Solar Energy Solutions relying on imported equipment. Moreover, Energy Efficient technologies are also a part of our scope for efficient and cost-effective utilization of energy resources.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to introduce you to RE-POWER. We have taken a start with the simple aim of providing quality and sustainable Solar Power Solutions. In our quest for excellence, we are associating with the leading Solar equipment manufacturers of the world.

With globally recognized international partners, a team of skilled and committed professionals and other technical staff, we are endeavoring to make our presence felt respectably in the Solar Power Market of Pakistan In Sha Allah

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